After dozens of hours testing quizzing tools, we recommend Quizizz for teachers and students

While quizzes might not be the most inventive way to learn, they’re still useful for memorizing and recalling facts, assessing knowledge, or getting quick info at the end of a lecture or presentation. Because of their utility, there are tons of different apps, websites, and games out there for swiftly creating and delivering everything from quizzes and flash cards to polls and exit tickets. Some lean more into play, allowing teachers to host classroom game shows, while others shift more toward learning, facilitating formative assessments. No matter the focus, we’ve looked at all the tools out there for quizzing and selected our favorites international journal.

Our selections
These are the tools we feel best balance everything you’d want in a quizzing tool, while offering high-quality learning opportunities and polished experiences. They’re split up into a few key categories that might be your best bet, depending on your needs.

Quizizz has grown thoughtfully over time to be our definitive top choice, whether you’re running quick quiz games or looking to craft and launch deeper slide-based lessons with embedded assessments. Notably, it’s got a decent-enough free version (with ads) that lets you run basic quizzes with exceptional question variety. However, the paid version (no ads) takes things to the next level with video and audio embeds, asynchronous learning, and answer explanations. This turns Quizizz into a lesson-delivery tool edging closely to platforms like Nearpod.

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