Easy Updates That Can Transform Your Bedroom

For many people, the bedroom is the place in the home desain where they most need to feel peaceful and comfortable. Considered the heart of the home in the eyes of many professional designers, it’s important to pay close attention to the energy of this space if you’re looking to design a home environment conducive to relaxation and maintaining a positive aesthetic.

That being said, many clients often run into the issue of growing bored with their bedroom design after a while. Even if you curate the perfect bedroom space for your client- something both beautiful and functional for everyday living- sometimes after about a year, the space starts to feel mundane and uninspired.

If this is an issue you or your client starts to notice, there are a few inexpensive, quick fixes you can employ to bring some fresh life and new energy into the room.

Add a Rug

This might be one of the absolute easiest ways to update a room in minutes. Many people forget about area rugs when designing their space, but they can be a great finishing piece to truly make a room look complete.

If you’re running into issues of the space feeling uninspired and mundane, you can get creative with a rug design choice and opt for something that breathes vibrant life into the room. Clients also often look to designers to help them refresh a room’s look and feel throughout the seasons to feel more weather-appropriate, and swapping out your rug choices can be a great way to do that too- think something colorful and bright for summer versus a white, furry shag during snowy winter months.

Adjust Your Lighting Options

Swapping out light fixtures is another super simple way to give your client’s bedroom an instant facelift. Picking out a unique lighting installation, chandelier, or fixture adds an unexpected visual element to the room and gives the client something new and fun to focus on when they enter the space.

Get rid of whatever pendant lighting that likely came with the place and try a unique shade, chandelier, or eclectic pendant instead.

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