Ups & Downs Biking Across America

Finally, I was off, into an amazing new world. Okay it wasn’t as amazing as I had imagined. Not at the start anyway.

“How could this be my dream? This isn’t very much fun, and its hard work.” I thought to myself.

I started in Maine rather early in the spring and it was freezing. Add to that my aching legs and the saddle sores that began sprouting up like daisies… The first week was pretty rough to say the least!

Oh, and don’t look up saddle sores, you’ll be sorry. Just know that they are not cool.

I could have easily given up and headed home. I decided to push through the tough times though, to see where I would end up. Most things that are worth doing require hard work.

After this initiation period, things started looking up. It was just a mental adjustment more than anything.

I had a talk with myself, (this happens when you are on the road for long periods of time without company) “If I don’t start enjoying myself, I’m not going to enjoy this trip.” A simple adjustment in the way I looked at the situation made all the difference.

From that moment on I began focusing on the positives and belittling the negatives. I looked at my planned route as a complex obstacle course. It was full of hidden short cuts, and side quests. There were also plenty of characters to meet along the way.

Halfway across the country in the land flat as a pancake, I came across two of the most memorable characters on the trip. I met Dan and Tormod in Kansas on a very windy day.

These two had ridden together for a few weeks already and relished a new riding companion. We rode together for a day, which became two, then three, and then others joined.

In a matter of days, I went from biking solo across America to being a part of a biker gang.

There were now five of us, and we made a great team. We could share our stories of the road, and talk about the daily happenings when we set up camp for the night. Three of us were named Dan, and the other two were Norwegian. I don’t think the name Dan exists in Norway, so we gave them each a special exemption pass that allowed them to still be on the team.

Now our dreams were intertwined and we were all headed to the coast.

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