Media Marketing Lessons From Nonprofits

Media Marketing Lessons From Nonprofits

In the world of nonprofits, it’s really a numbers game. The more people that nonprofit and charitable organizations can get their message in front of, the more likely the donations will come in. And while you might no longer be seeing television ads asking for 10 cents a day to help a child, nonprofit organizations are shifting to the digital world, focusing more on the internet and social media platforms to get their messages out.

Today, more people are learning about charitable groups through social media channels, and donating online to the charities of their choice. Nonprofits today can target audiences by their interests, demographic data, and more, making it easier than ever to get their messages to the right audiences.

Here are some of the ways that nonprofit and charitable organizations leverage social media to increase awareness and donations.

Social media marketing lessons from nonprofits

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  1. Get active across all social media platforms
    With more than 3 billion users spread across all of the major social networking platforms, social media offers nonprofit and charitable organizations an excellent opportunity to reach millions of people at any given time, while not having to pay for traditional marketing methods like telemarketers, print ads, or even television commercial placements.

One example of this is WE Charity, a nonprofit organization focused on international development and youth empowerment, which has nearly 3 million fans on Facebook, and another million-plus when you include Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Cross-promotions and the sharing of original content on each of its social platforms has not only helped WE Charity to grow the organization and its efforts, but the number of people it reaches on a daily basis.

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